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Within a short span of time, NABL accredited Sterling Accuris Diagnostics has become one of the fastest-growing pathology laboratory chains in India, with an impressive network of labs in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi.

Our internal molecular and genetic testing division: PanGenomics has been approved by ICMR (Reg. No. PGIA001) and Govt. of Gujarat to conduct COVID-19 testing by WHO recommended RT-PCR method.

Overall, we have a total of five ICMR approved laboratories at five major cities viz Ahmedabad (ICMR Reg. No. PGIA001), Surat (ICMR Reg. No. STADSG), Vadodara (ICMR Reg. No. STADVG), Bhavnagar (ICMR Reg. No. STACDIABG) and Delhi (ICMR Reg. No. SADOD).

Apart from COVID -19 RT-PCR Testing, we are also offering other COVID-ready testings and checkups for individuals and corporate:

● COVID-19 Antibody Testing (IgG)
● COVID-19 Immunity Packages (customised Health Check-up)


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